September 9th, 2010

1980s Christine

What was it like watching BBC2 TV in England 12 years ago?

(Promo for The Brian Epstein Story Arena special starts at 2:16 on the vid timer)

0:00 Louis Theroux's Weird Christmas
0:30 Twelfth Night - BBC Drama
1:00 BBC2 Ident - 2 Lands In White Powder
1:19 Text Introduction To Throne Of Blood

2:06 Still Advert For Hidden Fortress
2:16 Arena - Brian Epstein
2:57 BBC2 Ident - 2 Beneath Flowing Silk
3:08 Weatherview With David Lee
6:09 Paddington Green
7:01 Close Down Clock 2:42am Announcer Matthew Jackson
7:27 BBC2 Ident - Swan In Water Passed By Three Grey 2s As Cygnets