September 8th, 2010

Happy New Year

Come sundown...

שנה טובה

L'shana Tova to my lovely Jewish friends.
And just a regular ole "have a nice day" to the rest of you.

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I tried, tried, tried to get to sleep. All night I tried.
So I get up and do this internetzing ~~ and NOW I am passing out.
At a quarter to 10am I am passing out!
OY GEVALT. *forehead palm*
So nu, what do you expect? I live in Meshugan.

Happy New Year

YideoTube ~ Rosh hashana: Best Pomegranate Opening Technique: The Jewish Way

One commenter says:
"Wow! That is like the most helpful video. Thank you. I was trying everything -- opening them into a bowl of water, etc. I thought there had to be a better way. My 4-yr-old won't eat from the fruit but loves to pop a handful of the seeds in her mouth. She says first it's juice then it's popcorn. Pomegranites [sic] are also so great for knocking out colds. Wonderful fruits, NYC"

Not for diabetics only:

From Twitter: @HebrewU ~ Check out this article

@ A_Sweet_Life ~ ‘Rosh Hashana and the Pomegranate