July 15th, 2010


Brian Epstein people come in 3 types

(I fiercely despise the word "fan")

I have come to notice that devotees of Brian Epstein fit into one of these three categories:

  1. Those who truly love Brian, but love the Beatle(s) a bit more;

  2. Those who admire Brian every bit as equally as any Beatle(s), and feel he should always be considered as equal to them and included fully in anything Beatle ~ even to the point of taking offense whenever he is omitted (as usually happens) in Beatles articles and cropped out of Beatle photos;

  3. And then there are those who would go far beyond #2, and would take Brian over any Beatle(s) anyday ~ while cherishing Beatles music and humour and world-changing innovations more than any other, ever ~ nevertheless, would still throw all that in the bin in favor of anything Brian.

So far I have found only one other person in this world who is totally in that third category with me.