June 20th, 2010


Sunday Sermon ~ What do you give the almighty father on Fathers Day?

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Under the delusion that I actually have time for this, I am considering creating a separate LiveJournal account (tentatively named Anti-Christine ... LOL) to house my Sunday Sermons and other religion-centric folderol. We can then leave this LJ, eppylover to the rest of the christine-ish and Brian-y schtuffs.

Be aware ~ again ~ that this here eppylover LJ that I'm posting in right now may be dedicated to Brian Epstein, but is NOT primarily an "Eppy memory web site" as was once trolled at me by a tard repeately whining and name-calling over my views on Lennon's obvious maltreatment of Brian.

The new LJ would not be a paid or even a permanent account (as this one is), but would mainly serve to keep the secular rants separate. Perhaps even the more virulent political views and controversial or ranty thingies could be relegated to anti_christine also ~ we shall see.

Until then.... How is babby formed? ;P