May 29th, 2010

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Shabbat Shmooze ~ The Yiddishness of cartoonist Al Capp

If you can forget for just a second his conservative politics and the pretentious hoo-hah he instigated at that 1969 John & Yoko Canadian bed-in thingy [a vid of that] [another vid, in color] ~ (by the way, I personally found the bizarre-ness of that altercation hilarious then, which happened to be the year I graduated high school) ~ the little bio of Al Capp behind this LJ-cut might educate, intrigue and amuse you.

I'd never call it "the greatest comic strip of all time," but I did make a habit of reading "Li'l Abner" along with all the other daily newspaper funnies.

To digress a moment, many high schools still call their girl-ask-boy dances "Sadie Hawkins" ~ and Al Capp invented that, as you will read further on. Our school called theirs the "twirp dance" for some unknown reason. (According to Kurt Vonnegut, a twirp is someone who farts in their own bathwater) ~ The twirp dance happened to have been the only voluntary school function I ever attended, and that was just out of curiosity (the effing pep rallies were mandatory, during which I would read a book and blithely shrug off the scorn of the other kids).

Once at the twirp dance, my male counterpart and I quickly became abysmally BORED and proceeded to cause a bit of prankery ~ which annoyed the normies but amused a few other kids who seemed to have gotten stuck there for one reason or another. Thereafter, I shunned all high school "functions" and crap, including the stupid "senior prom" ...bleh.

As for reading all the funnies on a daily basis ~ Hey, we didn't have the internet, there were only three TV channels, and there wasn't much else!

Back on the subject. LOL. The source of the following writeup is the website

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