February 25th, 2010

Monsieur le Posh

A MUST-SEE Stephen Fry appearance

Whether or not you care for Craig Ferguson...

If you are in any way an admirer of Stephen Fry, you would be most remiss (as he would say) or an utter tard (as I would say) to pass up watching this "experimental" audience-less hour in which he is interviewed on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

Collapse )

I promise you will be blown away ~ especially if you aren't multi-tasking or otherwise distracted whilst you watch and listen well.

Since I have such a liking for Ricky Gervais, Eddie Izzard, John Oliver and such, I confess that for the past few years I have TRIED to feel "fannish" or otherwise give a bit more than a damn about the great Mr. Stephen Fry, but Collapse )

Anyway, enjoy the show.
So far, I find Mr. Fry to be quite an agreeable and wise fella. ani tip hat smiley