November 27th, 2009

Gimme a break!

ow, ow, ow

After we got home from T'giving at my sister's, I lost my balance trying to dash out of the garage, in the rain, carrying things from the T'giving dinner ~ fell and landed hard on my knees.

My left knee was extremely painful, so I laid there motionless on my purse, getting rained upon, merrily soaking in a cold puddle ~ all pissed-off, mad and angry (redundant much?) for what seemed like 5 minutes ~ while a worried poor Stephy carried our stuff across the parking lot and into the apartment, then came back to help me. I was really scared to get up for fear my knee was broken (sure felt like it). Eventually we made it inside. I took off my muddy clothes and spent a few hours with the puffed-up discolored knee packed in ice.

It's still tender and a bit swollen today, but not too bad! *sweat drop*
Heh. A medical bill is just what we would need on top of everything else.
Christine July 2008

Ha! It's true! I *DO* hurt more than you! ;P

I have often wondered about this.

Always wondered whether something was seriously wrong with me mentally, because I get more freaked out by pain than everyone else ~ and in response, people (even doctors) copped the "all in your head" attitude with me. And now they do it with Stephy. I thought she was just unfortunately following my example, which I tried to hide.

Well, folks, I am vindicated. There is indeed a reason for my apparent wussiness:
From The New York Times, August 8, 2009
By Tara Parker-Pope

Nobody likes going to the dentist, but redheads may have good reason

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(Lots of good comments from readers following that article, too.)