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November 27th, 2009 - Turn Me On, Dead Mensch — LiveJournal

About November 27th, 2009

ow, ow, ow 01:50 am

After we got home from T'giving at my sister's, I lost my balance trying to dash out of the garage, in the rain, carrying things from the T'giving dinner ~ fell and landed hard on my knees.

My left knee was extremely painful, so I laid there motionless on my purse, getting rained upon, merrily soaking in a cold puddle ~ all pissed-off, mad and angry (redundant much?) for what seemed like 5 minutes ~ while a worried poor Stephy carried our stuff across the parking lot and into the apartment, then came back to help me. I was really scared to get up for fear my knee was broken (sure felt like it). Eventually we made it inside. I took off my muddy clothes and spent a few hours with the puffed-up discolored knee packed in ice.

It's still tender and a bit swollen today, but not too bad! *sweat drop*
Heh. A medical bill is just what we would need on top of everything else.

Ha! It's true! I *DO* hurt more than you! ;P 05:51 pm
I have often wondered about this.

Always wondered whether something was seriously wrong with me mentally, because I get more freaked out by pain than everyone else ~ and in response, people (even doctors) copped the "all in your head" attitude with me. And now they do it with Stephy. I thought she was just unfortunately following my example, which I tried to hide.

Well, folks, I am vindicated. There is indeed a reason for my apparent wussiness:
From The New York Times, August 8, 2009
By Tara Parker-Pope

Nobody likes going to the dentist, but redheads may have good reason

A growing body of research shows...Collapse )
(Lots of good comments from readers following that article, too.)

So you have invented Twitter. Congratulations. 09:19 pm
This page by David Thorne is really funny.

It takes a bit of patience to get through it at the start, but it gets better and better.

And it's for real.

It's like Twitter. Except we charge people to use it.

First read about the guy named Simon Edhouse, the bit under the pic of the guy. Then go on to the numerous emails between David and Simon.

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