November 15th, 2009


Gevalt! My home state is MISHUGAN!

In reference to THIS comment ~~~

Oh Anna! Thank you for the lovely laugh! It's helping me dig out of my fit of paralyzed depression since Friday's car "disaster"...!

(I shall be posting about the car soon, after I get some eBay business done, etc.
No worries, though ~
probably nobody else in the world would ever have considered the car thing a mind-breaker except christine the drive-phobic)


But... Dang! Never before have I thought of Michigan as being pronounced "Meshuggan"...!
That is simply priceless!!! XD
Goyim alert: First google "meshugganah"
 ~ Then, for the proper effect, you've gotta
pronounce "Michigan" by switching the
accent/emphasis to the second syllable
instead of the first ~
      MI´-shi-gan     becomes     Mi-SHUG´-gan ...

And now the connection seems so obvious!
Besides, it is SO appropriate! LOLOL!

Yes! From now on, I do believe I shall pronounce it in that fashion!!!

No longer is Michigan the Land of Lakes ~

Mishugan is now officially the Land of CRAZY!!! ani laughing smiley