October 24th, 2009

Moses grimaces

Shabbat Shmooze ~ Automotive Bigotry!

Jews and punch buggies – how times have changed
Posted: 19 Oct 2009 in MichaelWex.com

I knew that the world I grew up in was gone for good when I noticed three of four Volkswagens and a couple of BMW’s in the parking lot of my daughter’s Hebrew day school, all of them utterly unmolested.

When I was a kid you couldn’t park such a car at any Jewish institution and expect to come back to windows that were intact or tires that hadn’t been slashed. It was bad enough that non-Jews – veterans, yet – had such short memories, but the idea that a Jew would buy anything – let alone something that probably needed financing – when he knew that the money was going to them – was too much to bear.

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