August 26th, 2009

Bitch please!

Oh come on. This other flick won't be mainly about Brian.

A Life In The Day claims to be "first movie about Brian Epstein"
Ah, you can't fool the eppylover.
Well, you can, but she is really wary about
news releases such as this one in Variety.

It actually kinda scares me wondering how these people are going to attempt to portray Brian Epstein.
Have they done their homework? I mean, really?
Oh poo. You KNOW they're obviously doing this for the money rather than for the love of Brian.

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BeatlesTweets claims A Life In The Day is "the first movie about Beatles' manager Brian Epstein in development" ~
oh yeah? So what is The Fifth Beatle ~ chopped liver? The Fifth Beatle has been in development for literally years, because, for one thing, it's just too damn important to rush.
Besides, that other movie doesn't have the honor of being approved by the Epstein family themselves.
Tony Gittelson's screenplay A Life in the Day centres on the man who discovered the Beatles in 1961 and was their guiding light until 1967, when he died of a drug overdose at the age of 32. The film is expected to focus on the formation of the band.
That last sentence says it all.
A Life In The Day truly sounds more like just another frickin' Beatle-focused movie, doesn't it ~ only this time with their manager in it. Big whoop.

In contrast, our Vivek has promised that The Fifth Beatle will NOT revolve around the Boys ~ although, of course, they must be included by necessity, because they were the turning point in Brian's life.

I shudder to imagine the inaccuracies in the script. Do you think Mr.Gittelson actually stuck to the legitimate Brian literature, such as the books by Geller and Coleman? Or did he use the Norman, Davies, or (PLEASE GAWD NO) Brown and Goldman books? Or any of the materials that derived "information" from the last two books?

Did Mr.Gittelson do any proper research?
I would kill to read the script. And offer my corrections.

We shall see. Christine is a realist.
At least Eppy's getting some attention for once.
Let's hope it's of the respectful type.
So far, however, nobody has gotten it right.

ETA: How awful that the photo that The Guardian UK decides to use for this news is the absolute worst shot ever taken of Brian. Every time I see that photo I feel so embarrassed for him. :(