July 1st, 2009

ACCF Swine Flu

How was our weekend? You might well arsk, Pikachu...

Bubbie and Stephy meet MARIO AND LUIGI!!!

Your eppylover's unpaid job last Saturday was to act as chauffeur and photographer for Stephy & Bubbie's annual jaunt to JAFAX at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. I'm amazed my 1994 Saturn didn't break down, as it has been threatening to do for ages. It sounds like a motorcycle in heat! We love our Saturn. Really. I would love to be able to afford maintenance on it!

While the kids were deliriously floating around in their manga/animé wonderland, most of the time was spent by Eppylover whining that she was bored and wanted to go home. LOL What a frickin' crabby old broad I can be!

I felt like I was shlepping around in a lame version of   Let's Make A Deal  (click for an old video on YouTube) (yeah, I realize that sounds double-lame, or at least redundant)!
My compromise with the cosplay was to wear a Michael Jackson hat and my faux Beatle boots.

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Mamodo Stephy meets the Shyguys!!!

After we got back to Grandville, we stopped in at the Rivertown Crossings mall to have dinner at TGI Friday's ~ in costume! They were amused. How we love their never-ending soup, salad and breadsticks lunch! Actually much better than Olive Garden's. My fave choices are their lovely broccoli cheese soup, honey mustard salad dressing, and their breadsticks, which are almost doughnut-like!

Okay, listen, TGI Friday's: you've got my address, please send my advertising $$$ revenue! Yeah, LOL, how I wish!


Another reminder: a long, drawn-out but (I-M-Humble-O) interesting entry
was posted yesterday on the Fifth Beatle Movie forum [ HERE ]

I hope to remain in an acceptable mental state and continue posting over there ~ so please keep checking the forum (I shall endeavor to keep putting links here when there's something new)~ because I'm not really wanting to double-post everything on LJ that's on the forum. The UBBC forum code is totally different than the HTML used here on LJ (and on websites) ~ so I'm forced to manually reformat anything I make there in order to post them here. Ugh, bummer.