April 7th, 2009

Bitch please!

*eppylover smiles tolerantly, shakes head, rolls eyes*

RE: THIS recent beatlepics post!

Oh Van Donovan.
You are SO Van Donovan!

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Y'know, whenever I see anything Eppy-related, the first thing that goes through my mind is
What would Brian himself think?
I always kinda automatically put myself into his head.

*head spins*
In this case, I have NO earthly idea! None! Nada! Bupkes!

I am at a f*ing loss!!! ani googly eyes smiley

Hmmm... I can only imagine whether our publicly proper Mr Epstein would be amused or embarrassed or angry or bewildered or disgusted or, like most of us (excepting the disoriented eppylover), just plain ROFL-ing?
We do know that nobody could predict just WHAT he would take as a personal affront.
By the same token, he would often surprise you by joining in and being highly amused by a joke against himself.

Approving or disapproving? ~
  ~ Guess it would all depend on what mood he was in,
who else was in the room,
ohhh of course...
what substances he was ON at that time!
ani rolleyes smiley

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In conclusion:
Noogies all around, and a hearty *smack* with a rolled-up newspaper to y'all for this one! LOL