christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

I thought I knew lame before ~ but now I discover lj_wh0re

Have you had any LJ'ers add you lately? Ones that you've never heard of? Ones who seem to have, oh, over 700 friends already? And you think, WTF?

I think I've found the bot that's to blame:

It's called "lj_wh0re"

Found it using LJ Seek:
How to make friends and influence people ( the quick way )

Part of the (now-deleted) explanatory entry:
"A few days ago I had 195 people on my friends of list. Now I have over 350. Why is this? Now in my moments of vanity I'd like to think my journal was more interesting or more compelling or better written or better whatever than those other motherfuckers, but unfortunately this simply isn't true. I'm lazy, I can't be arsed putting any effort into the craft and I'm not super talented in anything or a beautiful pretty girl willing to swap a sweet piece of her flesh for fame, worship and fortune. BUT... "
Another telling entry:
And another:
And yet another:

Eppylover Sez:
"It's LJ Wh0re!...For wankin' idiots who think collecting anonymous users equals popularity, it's the LJ Wh0re, from R0nco!"

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