September 26th, 2008

Paul waves you off Brian

Again, Paul on Brian's feelings about the Israel rejection

Paul in Israel, Sept 25, 2008
(Paul) ... said of the Sixties ban: “Our manager Brian Epstein, who was Jewish, was more insulted than we were.”

Do you think Paul would have made this Israel effort if he hadn't cared about how the rejection affected Brian?

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at the moment Brian first got the news that his Boys were a "bad influence."

Ani Star of David

Shabbat Shooze ~ Won't You Come Home Disraeli? Won't You Come Home?

Benjamin Disraeli
Those of us both statesider and goyish ~ traits which I assume characterize the majority of my flisters ~ may not be very familiar with the historical figure Benjamin Disraeli. However, those who have heard his name, probably in our much-too-America-centric high school history classes, most likely only know he was some kind of British statesman. The most well-educated in my little world would probably recognize him as Queen Victoria's most famous prime minister who happened to have been Jewish ~ and that would be it.

By the way, my favorite piece of Disraelia is the Allan Sherman masterpiece, "Won't You Come Home, Disraeli?" ~ sung to the tune of "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?"

I scoured the 'net (a mini-scour job, actually) in an effort to find that song, but the best I could do was another shmooze-related gem.

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...but I digress.

There really isn't much out there in this popculture-infested country to enable us to passively absorb any knowledge that isn't force-fed to us via mass media ~ and if you didn't realize that "passive absorption" is today's method of education, then you have not been actively absorbing passively.

*Ahem...Excuse me*

After being entertained by the following article ~ which was, I must add, truly absorbing ~ *coughcough* ~ I recommend the rest of you actively take a crack at it. Much more interesting than I imagined it would be at the start!

Disraeli, Please Come Home
    By Miriam Shaviv

    Thu. Sep 18, 2008

Benjamin Disraeli
By Adam Kirsch
Pub. Schocken/Nextbook

Queen Victoria once asked Benjamin Disraeli, the 19th-century British prime minister, about his “real” religion.

“You were born a Jew and you forsook your great people,” she said. “Now you are a member of the Church of England, but no one believes that you are a Christian at heart. Please tell me, who are you and what are you?”

“Your Majesty,” Disraeli famously replied, Collapse )

Aside to the Eppy-conscious amongst us: doesn't Disraeli's story kind of feel similar to Brian's conflicted psyche/loyalties?