August 24th, 2008

Paul waves you off Brian

A Trivial Question of Strange and Wonderful Eppiness

I included the following image in our latest Eppy picspam on the forum:
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Curious ~
This is Brian, in an editorial photo that Getty Images had titled "Epstein Plays Cards." (I guess those are playing cards in his right hand?) This pic was taken by Robert Whitaker during the infamous Philippines debacle, July 3-5 of 1966.

Question: Does anyone know what those strange thingies are that Bri is playing with? Little plastic building toys ~ fencing or something? LOL

And, just FYI: Collapse )

p.s. You might get a giggle and a larf from { THIS DORK-EPPIFIED COMMENT } I added to someone's beatlepics post today... *snerk*