May 16th, 2008


This made me laugh, even though it's not meant to be funny...

How to Force Yourself to Eat Something You Hate

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

You are invited to a dinner party, and the hostess serves food that you just hate! Just thinking about it makes you feel sick. You look at it, and wonder how to get rid of it without actually eating it. There is no dog around to serve it to under the table, and you do not want to insult your hostess so you have to think of ways to eat it, or at least look like you are eating it!

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Warning: "If you hold your nose, people will probably notice." ...LOL!

Christine March 2008


Real quick post ~

Anybody who happens to have a Facebook, feel free to friend me there.

My name there is Christine Christine.

Facebook insists on you having a legitimate-sounding last name, and I am NOT gonna put my real last name down there.

I had "Christine Eppylover" at first, but that sounded kinda dumb and I changed it.
Oh yes, and "Christine Christine" sounds very intelligent. Yes.

BTW, I welcome one and all to friend me on my MySpace, too.