February 15th, 2008

Naughty boy Johnny

FYI ~ Ever hear of the Director's Cut of the Beatles Anthology?

Hahaa, seems like every time I find this on eBay, it gets terminated/deleted by eBay before anyone is able to win it!

Anthology~1993 Director's Cut

Y'know, the final version of Anthology that YOU all are familiar with, the one for sale in general, REMOVED much of the originally-compiled story and details to include as much TV and concert footage as possible ~ so, deleted were many, many uncut and uncensored interviews!

Read the description on eBay and see if you wish to try for it ~ maybe eBay won't find it and take it off the market in time ~ or maybe you'll want to make a note of it so, someday, you may wish to try to locate this treasure again.

It's obvious that what you see in this Director's Cut is what the director and production team assembled and presented to the band ~ before numerous change requests were made.

BTW, it is NOT I who is selling this ~ in fact, I have no earthly idea who "legend_daddycool" is ~ I simply want to pass the info on to y'all in case you've never heard of this before.
...pssssst! If indeed you do buy this, thank me by letting me know if any mentions of Eppy are included that didn't make it into the retail version!

Now, just because I feel like it ~

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