February 13th, 2008

Vivek Tiwary

Will the movie get Brian horribly wrong?

Brian Epstein on Hullabaloo, sitting on cube
In response to an inquiry in this Beatlepics comment ~
salonia said:
"...do you know anymore about this Hollywood movie about Eppy? That sounds great, but I hope they don't get it horribly wrong like, overly nasty, punk John, pushy Paul who's the only one that wants them in suits, etc.

And the thing with Brian's personal life. I hope they don't emphasise that, especially the masochism. Also I'd hate to see them depicting Brian's homosexuality as the ONLY reason he wanted to manage the Beatles. Because that would be WRONG.

I'm really anal about these things. If they are going to do a film I hope the producers and director do their homework, and don't try to appeal to the LCD."

So, since I don't wish to overwhelm somebody else's Brian pics post with the following (which would take at least two comments to fit), I shall put it here for everyone:

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