February 11th, 2008


Brian Epstein started it all

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...by the end of the Swinging Sixties, liberation was complete and its influence was far-reaching: "There was the sense that social wrongs could not stand: racial, sexual and class oppression, bullying, warfare, unchecked savaging of the environment. In England during the Swinging London years, homosexuality was decriminalised, capital punishment banned, divorce laws reformed and censorship of the arts curtailed ... Nothing of the modern world we share could have been the way it is without those years in London."

But the sudden force of liberation created its victims.
...The "fifth Beatle", the genius entrepreneur of his generation, Brian Epstein, the real "Nowhere Man" of the eponymous song, slipped unassumingly away on a barbituric nightcap.

Liberation came at a hell of a price.

The shortest century and the greatest party
February 16 2003
By Adrian Collette

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