February 3rd, 2008

What now John?

Lulu in the 21st Century

From Telegraph.co.uk

Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie began performing with precocious self-confidence at the age of nine in the Lindella jive club, Glasgow, where she was talent-spotted by a rep from Columbia/EMI. She was only 15 when Shout (which she had been singing in Glasgow dance halls for two years) went to the top of the charts in 1963.

Protected by her agent, the mothering Marian Massey, and by her own single-mindedness, she was never a fully paid-up member of the experimental 1960s scene, even if she appeared to be part of it.

"Others took drugs to push back their boundaries," she wrote in her 2002 autobiography 'I Don't Want to Fight,' but I wanted to stay within mine."

She remembers a party at the country house of the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, where, frozen with terror, she watched a joint being passed round. When it reached her, she passed it on hoping no one had noticed.

But Kenny Everett, the Liverpool DJ, later made fun of the fact that Lulu was the one cleaning ashtrays and making tea while everyone else got stoned.

I want to buy those skin treatments of hers! Sounds just 2 cool 2 me. ;D

Also, I'm giving signups for the email to the Liverpool City Council one more day, due to lack of time and feeling sick and I'm going to bed, OKTHXBAI.