January 28th, 2008


The Oliver! Thang


Midtown Theater, Grand Rapids
In the following post, I shall expound upon part of a recent comment I made ~ which was ~
I just plain do not watch movies...I can NOT just SIT and let a movie soak into my eyes without getting up constantly to do other things!

Keeping myself occupied online is no problem because of the keyboard; i.e., I've got something to DO ~ I can provide input ~ rather than just sit there like a lame lump and WATCH.
So, speaking of watching movies, there was one strange case when I was 17 (in 1968) when the movie Oliver! was playing at the Midtown Theater in downtown Grand Rapids, a dozen miles away.

I have always hated driving, and will only get behind the wheel under absolutely necessary circumstances. I was especially scared of driving in downtown GR, in those days full of one-way streets, foot traffic and wild teens driving "the circuit" (see "American Graffiti" for an example of the bumper-to-bumper crazy shit that went on with the circuit driving fad).

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