January 22nd, 2008

News from Quahog

Been lookin' at comms I haven't looked at for awhile...

Anybody fond of Mel Brooks and his films?
Check out this comm: drfronkensteen

Also, tomlehrer has quite a following amongst us *coff*coff* intellectuals.

Don't forget with_thebeatles,
moderated by me and mrs_evansof_mal

...and starkeywhores always makes me blush when I type the comm name.

beatlecaptions was so fun for awhile, too. Let's jump in again.

Not leastly ~ I've been sadly neglecting eppylog and the_fifthbeatle comms.

And lastly, The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum will soon be open for fun & games again ~ new provider, hardly any adverts (soon will be NO adverts!) and much, much easier to use.

Hey, you can even post as "Guest" ~ without registering/joining.
sgt pepper smiley(Brian needs you to schmooze with us) ani wink smiley ~ BeatleLinks style