January 20th, 2008

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Sunday Sermon ~ My Discovery of Bullsh*t!

Because we peons residing at the eppylover hovel are not blessed to receive any TV cable other than what Comcast calls "preferred basic" ~ no digital, no pay channels, nuthin' ~ I owe my eternal gratitude to carrotcaper2007 for hooking me up with the Penn & Teller vids on YouTube.

Therefore, for today's SS, my sweet religious flisters need not click ~ because for you the skeptical scientific truth would indeed seem quite what you'd call "blasphemy" ~ such a quaint term ~ and, as for finding humor therein? A disgrace! (Og's fave word, especially in reference to "dem homos" he so disparages.)

And we love y'all for hanging around for the cause of Eppy.
So, to paraphrase our Richie, please "pass me by" today, O lovers of the Bible. :)

All others, please be aware that avast ye! there be vulgar language ahead, maties.
But, it be in appropriate context, IMHO. Y'arrrr!

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Back in a non-cut general audience mode, I must confess that I have a bit of a crush on the great Michael Shermer. A skeptic after my own heart ♥ xD
Michael Shermer on The Colbert Report


Also, I've always had a crush on Teller.

I did a tiny bit of innertubes research on him. "Teller" is his full legal name; no first or middle name, simply "Teller" ~ which is also what it says on his passport (he being one of the few allowed that luxury)! That's cool. I'd love to have "Christine" as my only name. (BTW, George Carlin despises the pretentiousness of people who go by one name, hahaa. Tough cookies, Carlin. We don't always agree.)

Also, I found their pre-Penn&Teller occupations very amusing in their contrast with each other and with their present occupations:
What did P&T do before they started working together?

Penn worked as a juggler on the New Jersey boardwalk and attended Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

Teller taught high school Latin in Lawrenceville, NJ.


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