January 13th, 2008

1966 Cirque Krone

Sunday Sermon ~ A Famous Clergyman Who Liked Brian

Perhaps I'm more illiterate than I make out to be, but...
Statue of Thomas Merton located on Bellarmine University campus outside Norton Health Science Center building.

Ever hear of Thomas Merton?

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From Thomas Merton; four letters to a high school student in 1967 and '68

Aug. 27,1967

The certified letter came today and by the time you get this you will have got back the little pink card showing the letter was not eaten by weasels.

I am terribly sorry to hear about Brian Epstein. I'll say Mass for him Sept. 5. Did I ever tell you that once on a radio program he was asked to name his favorite book and named The Seven Storey Mtn., only with its English title, Elected Silence?
[Eppylover Note: Merton's referring to his own book]

I always felt closer to him after that -- glad, of course, that he brought out the Beatles. Glad they are working on their meditation.

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[Eppylover Note #2: Brian had nothing against meditation, but he was quite worried about their dalliance with the Maharishi ~ because he believed Maha was taking gross advantage of his Boys ~ and he was proven right, y'know. :/ ]

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