December 30th, 2007

Paul waves you off Brian

Hi for a minute ~ Sunday Sermon, Shabbat Shmooze, & Update

I'm putting up a short post using Stephy's laptop (which she's already pushing me off of, blast it all) to tell y'all I'm still alive. As if.

In exchange for her kindness, she requires that I publish her latest fave Jeebus pic.
If you don't know the Katamari game, you won't get it.

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I'm still working at setting up the new 'puter. Every time I turn around it seems I have forgotten to transfer something over, and must access the external hard drive again. This holiday season is also a bit more tumultuous than usual, so I'm existing mainly in the brick&mortar world lately. Until everything's all set on the 'puter, I shall not connecticate it to the innertubes.

Also, since I have missed the shmooze yesterday, here's a link that I've had sitting around ~ Beatley and Briany people might find it interesting, in a Jewishy sorta way. Or not.
Volunteers drive eclectic learning at LimmudLA
The Jewish Journal of greater L.A - Los Angeles,CA,USA
... Angeleno Judy Aronson attended a session on the Jews and the Beatles, where she sat next to the former neighbor of Beatle's manager Brian Epstein. ...

Um. Yikes. Stephy has now set her phaser on "kill" and the mom must beam out.

Have a nice New Years Eve if I'm not back!


Brian in the trunk...? 1967 UK-only Beatles pop-up book

I found it necessary to disavail the daughter of her laptop for this. Behold! She seethes. She threatens. She pouts. She's a typical teenager, LOL.
*christine flinches at the sounds of many young flisters in their teens defriending the eppylover*

For anyone who is still reading this: If any of you have the facilities ($) and are compelled (want!) to buy this book, pleeeze tell me WTF they meant by " Brian Epstein actually in the trunk?"

Beatles- Musical Pop Up Book

Unbelievable that I've never heard of this, seeing as it's a NEMS original.
It's being sold by a fella in Florida, so none of this overseas stuff to mess around with. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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Hmm. Well, I dunno where Stephy found the AK-47. For those who don't already know, we do live across the street from the city cemetery. How convenient for her. LOL

That's my lame way of saying I'd better sign off now! XD