December 8th, 2007

Cowboys John and Brian on the phone

Dec 8 and John ~ Eppy would have wanted me to be nice about it *sigh*

...and maybe from now on I should keep that in mind when thinking of all his Boys.

First posted in 2005
What I was doing on Dec 8, 1980 ~ when I heard the news

...Then, this one was posted the following year, 2006
(Dig the pic and description of "modern" software in the comments of this second post)

Huffington Post
Salute to John Lennon
Eppylover Note: Those with very little reading patience may think it a bit wordy ~ but believe me, it's marvelously insightful.
(The part about Julian got me)

Read it on HuffPo at the above link, or Collapse )

Personally, when Martin was talking about the impact of the death of Julia on the life of Lennon, I also expected some mention of John's learning from, love for and dependence upon Brian as being almost as important and devastating ~
~ as was hinted at by Arthur Janov and his wife ~
~ but the facts on that, I fear, are locked away in the Janov files.

Trini's amazing picspam for John 2007


The webmaster unfortunately shrinks down almost all of the photos for this "gallery" ~ so if you wish to save any of these pics for your own collection, the work-around for getting to the original large sizes is:
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If you go back to the AppleScruff gallery page, there's also the same spam done for George ~ and a lot of other galleries.