November 27th, 2007


Today's Brianage

Unusual for me to sit and read non-Eppy Beatles stuff, especially matter covering the periods BB and AB (Before Brian and After Brian). Very unusual.

My Google Blogs Alert email gave me two short lines for an entry "By Allyn" called On the Lennon Listen — Before the Break-Up ~~ "...But he also had a bad year — his drug intake increased, and long-time manager Brian Epstein died. 1968 was the year where Lennon began to separate himself from the Beatles..."

I clicked in and started reading. And reading. And reading...

As Mr Spock would say, "Fascinating."

If you Beatlemaniacs have heard it all before, though, I'm sorry... as I said, I am comparatively ignorant of the Boys in their BB and AB periods.

BTW, Allyn Gibson had also posted a most lovely August 27 entry on our Brian.

I have a request for anyone in my flist ~ or anybody reading this, actually ~ who knows how to read and write in Spanish.

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