November 6th, 2007

That's my boys!

The Beatles are DANGEROUS ~ like Rudolph Valentino!

Parents! Watch your children!

Today's concert-goers do not seem to realize that, before Brian's Boys, nobody used to scream and carry on like they do now. Even when Elvis performed it was not nearly that bad. A lot of parents were truly worried ~ this outlandish behavior just seemed wrong!

The above vid might make it a little clearer how very much things changed due to Beatlemania. XD

It was either Debbie Geller or Ray Coleman speaking with Queenie when she recalled how Brian kept asking her to describe the same kind of behavior, the hysteria that went on around Rudolph Valentino in the 1920's.

No doubt the Valentino Effect came to mind the first time Bri visited the Cavern with Alistair Taylor! :D

Example of Valentino onscreen ~

Rudolph Valentino died the same week (41 years earlier) as Brian.

Brian Epstein ~ August 27, 1967, age 32.
Rudolph Valentino ~ August 23, 1926, age 31.


Video: Girly Man! Man! Man! Man! Man!

One of those Bollywood thingies from India.
Of course, you remember the Bollywood Beatles take-off.
Now, see their Michael Jackson!
The funniest part is ~ the added subtitles are based on how the lyrics sound in English.

I'll have you know, Stephy twisted her mother's arm to have this posted.

Okay, mother is crawling back off to her bed.
She will try to answer comments tomorrow.
The tooth holes are still tender, the clots have not totally set, and we must be very careful.
The older you get, the slower you heal.

We had plain scrambled eggs for dinner. At least we girls did.
Og treated himself to some of his dead deer carcass.
He stunk up the house with it and made us nauseous.

Damn, I'm tired of soft foods and liquids! :(