August 21st, 2007


Ballard Street

Well, that's it for the floral arrangement...

The creator of this comic, Jerry Van Amerongen, lived on Ballard Street ~

~ which is an actual street in Grand Rapids ~

~ and this was the type of environment that I grew up in.
When I was 11 the family moved from Grand Rapids to suburban Grandville.

Sorry, I just feel like comics right now.

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Alistair Taylor

A Joanne Peterson tidbit ~ after all this time!

Finally, another little blurb shows up on an Australian blog/forum, regarding Joanne (Newfield) Petersen, Brian's last secretary, who was the person who ~ along with the darling, loyal Alistair Taylor ~ found Brian dead.

For the eppylover, the key Joanne quotes from this article are:
'Brian Epstein handled all these egos incredibly well. He knew them and knew their individual personalities and their different idiosyncrasies. He never bullied. He was warm and close to them, very much the fifth person in the outfit. When they were all together it was a very close-knit relationship.

'I used to look at him sometimes and see him looking at them with such warmth and love for them.'

...There were difficult issues that Epstein had to sort out, she remembers; 'he was very good at putting it to them in a way that he would get around them. He would sometimes tell them all the things they didn't have to do, before he would tell them what they had to do.

'When you consider he had never ever managed a band or been involved in anything like this before, he was very instinctive in the way he handled The Beatles. It was an absolute labor of love for him.'

Here's the part that threw me ~ because Joanne was, after all, the person writing There's A Beatle In My Closet, which reportedly claims Brian definitely had an affair with A BEATLE ~
She believes there was never a relationship between Epstein and Lennon, 'though Brian just adored John.'
So... apparently the Beatle who she caught doing... something... with Bri was NOT John?
*Christine recalls the supposed "love letter" to Paul from Brian, which Francie Schwartz claims she found in Paul's glove compartment*
*Christine slaps own face for thinking such tabloidy thoughts*

Here is the article that appeared yesterday, Aug 20, in the Poms In Oz forum:

By Desmond Zwar

Londoner Joanne Petersen was as close as anyone to The Beatles.

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...she opened a cupboard and out fell Ringo.
She dusted him off and sent him on his way.

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