July 15th, 2007

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'Candorville' comic strip

...and totally unrelated to the above:
Oh my goodness. Even though I love the character of Mr Monk, I have never really sat down and made myself watch most of the episodes (but, that's true of me and all TV shows since approximately 1980).

I was not aware that Sarah Silverman played Monk's stalker on that show.
So when I came across the following promo, I was all WTF:
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Born Against

Today in Xian History ~ and if the Pope says it, by Gawd, it's TRUE!

Well, to begin with, it's
July 15, St. Swithin's Day

For some odd reason, a lot of "saints" all decided to "go to Jesus"
(i.e., bite the big one) on July 15 ~
~ wellll, more likely, it was convenient for the holy-honchos of Rome
to date all their deaths on this day.
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~ Year ~
303:     Death of St. Felix of Thibiuca
338:     Death of St. James of Nisibus
668:     Death of Constans II, Eastern Roman Emperor
862:     Death of St. Swithin
1015:   Death of St. Vladimir
1024:   Death of St. Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor

As always, if you are highly sensitive to any religion-dissing,
please forego clicking the cut. I appreciate every reader I can get,
and especially love my flisters ♥
~ and I never INTEND to insult, upset or offend ANY of y'all.

However, on Sundays I want ~ NEED ~ to just "let go." Thank you for understanding!

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