June 19th, 2007


GREAT Alma News ~ A Movie!

Alma Cogan and Brian Epstein's Boys The Beatles**********************************************

George Clooney is making a film about Alma Cogan, Brian's favorite girlfriend. He has cast an unknown singing waitress he discovered at the Cannes Film Festival by the name of Victoria Hart.

He was planning to go to London to cast the part of Alma, but after seeing Miss Hart's stunning performance at the Ocean's Thirteen party, he knew he had found the right person for the Alma Cogan part.

He knew an American actress certainly wouldn't work. Victoria will have to dye her hair black to recreate Alma's famous bubble cut and beehive styles. Filming is to begin early next year (2008).

The Alma Cogan Official International Fan Club is hoping to be involved in the film, and is awaiting confirmation from Mr Clooney as we speak.

...BTW, the eppylover thinks it would really be neat if the same person who Vivek casts as Brian in The Fifth Beatle Movie is also cast as Brian in the Alma movie!

in other news
OJ Videogame?
Just a thought:

If the Goldman family receives all profits
from the OJ book, and it's made available,
I would so buy it for that reason...

Judge awards Goldman family right
to Simpson's canceled book


Dang. Wish I had the $150. http://news.livejournal.com/100432.html