June 18th, 2007


Sleeping during a headache equals wtf dreams? & Lennon butts fag on Matisse, & Starkeynews

Christine and Stephy
As I was wandering around the house early this afternoon trying to walk off a headache that I woke up with, I remembered something ~ earlier, as I lay asleep at around 8am, I had heard knocking on our front door, Stephy answering it and talking for a moment to somebody, and then Stephy coming into my room and saying,
"Mom, there are a couple of Christians at the door who want to see you."

I acted like I was still asleep and didn't hear her. Then she said, "Mom?" once more, and went away to tell the Christians I'm asleep and won't wake up. Nobody bothered me after that, and I went back to sleep for real.

Well, later on as I wandered through the house doing my thing, I remembered what happened early this morning ~ but as the minutes wore by and I considered the details, I became unsure of my memory ~ had that been a dream? ...it seemed SO REAL.

I told Stephy about it, and she started laughing. No, nothing like that had happened.

Christians, indeed.

Lennon was 'Art Breaker

In 1974, Lennon stubbed his ciggie out on an eight-million-dollar Matisse owned by Hefner

Lennon picture credit: REX

March 31, 2007

PLAYBOY tycoon HUGH HEFNER has revealed how drunken JOHN LENNON stubbed out a ciggie on a valuable painting at his mansion.
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Ringo Starr enters Digital Age with EMI deal

Ringo follows Paul into Digitables!
Brian would love Ringo's Digitables!
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A couple of breaking items on The Beatles came out today ~

Story 1. The surviving two Beatles, plus Olivia and Yoko, are going to get together again on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of Cirque "LOVE" ~ for a special dedication ceremony in honor of John and George.
... The eppylover arsks: will Brian have even a TINY mention? She is not holding her breath...

Story 2. Paul describes his amazement every time he realizes that "Yesterday" ~ the song he wrote after waking one morning with it playing in his head ~ has become the most covered tune of all time.

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