June 16th, 2007


Shabbat Shmooze ~ Quick History of the Middle East

You've probably seen this before ~ but for those who haven't ~
Arabs vs Jews
The History of the Middle East ~
~ In a Couple of Minutes

What's really amusing are the YouTube comments ...
OMG, the creator of this vid gets called both a Nazi and a Zionist and everything in-between, depending on who's making the statement.

These crazy narrow people are vehemently disagreeing with every little item in this simply-stated little cartoon ~ disagreeing in BOTH directions! ~ completely missing the point that this vid is not meant to be a detailed, meticulously all-inclusive thing.

People are   a-n-a-l   cretins.

Consider yourself lucky that the eppylover is not G-d. The universe being, of course, G-d's Etch-A-Sketch ~ the eppylover/G-d would have long ago turned it upside-down and shaken it madly in frustration