June 12th, 2007


Sesame Street wtf

Sesame Street Jurrrrr


I may have posted this before,
but it never hurts to rehash a wtf.

And now.
Behind the cut I have posted a vid that is definitely NOT work-safe nor parent-safe, nor a lot of other safes ~~ and it includes many, many loud instances of the f-word.

But for some insanely stupid reason, I found it f*ing hilarious.

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Yobbo Bloody Rocked By A Sentence

Judge cites 42 Beatles songs to teach beer thief a lesson
Daily Mail, 4th June 2007

McCormack: Got more than he bargained for after his beer theft
judge won't let it be with mccormack

Andrew McCormack, 20, was asked to recommend to a US court what his sentence should be for stealing beer.

He wrote: “Like the Beetles say, Let It Be”. But his cheeky quip did not impress Gregory Todd, a 56-year-old district court judge in Montana.

In a sentencing memorandum Judge Todd first corrected McCormack's misspelling and then gave the defendant a lesson in The Beatles discography.

He replied: “Mr McCormack, you pled guilty to the charge of Burglary. To aid me in sentencing I review the pre-sentence investigation report.

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