June 8th, 2007


So. THAT's what Jules has been up to lately! Lookin' Goooood...

Below is an exact copy/paste of part of my usual
daily email from Watch That Page....
....oh, except for the pics.

Differences in page http://www.abbeyrd.net/news/newslinks.html

Update (6/5/07)

From Eddie Fields:

Just a heads up that Julian Lennon has some new songs
posted on his MySpace page, http://myspace.com/julianlennon.
It seems that the new album may have the working title
of "Conscious." The songs are: Everything Changes...,
Disconnected & Looking 4 Luv. There is also a new
(reggae!) version of Saltwater from the soundtrack of
a film he's produced called,
The Gathering - Return of the Whale Dreamers.
(More on the film here: http://www.whaledreamers.com/)
Keep up the great work!

Paul says Prince Harry was attracted to his daughter Mary,
reports Entertainmentwise.