May 30th, 2007


Somebody's a millionaire...and it's not me.

33 Chapel St, Belgravia, London
Someone actually bought 33 Chapel Street, directly across the street from Brian's last home, 24 Chapel Street.

Do you realize that £2,950,000 in American dollars is approximately $5,826,000?
That's in millions. Must be nice.

With that kind of money, your eppylover dreams of helping Stephy with her education and career, booking off to Liverpool/London and doing everything there I've always wanted to do, and then put any leftover money into funding serious research into time travel.

I don't have to bother with the funding for research into age regression ~ I believe Yoko has that one well in hand.


Today in Eppy History ~~ a bull named Brian Epstein

MiguelinSunday May 29, 1966

On this date, in Spain,
Matador Miguel Mateo, 26,
known to aficionados as Miguelin,
named a bull after Brian Epstein.

A Time Magazine article

An auto-translated Spanish webpage on MiguelinCollapse )
(I still maintain that your eppylover would have been able to persuade Brian against this sport barbaric form of animal abuse!)
(...and if you believe THAT one, you're more simpleminded than I am! Hahaa)

(Oh dear! Our Bri was hopeless when it came to those flamboyant macho-men in the suits of lights...
...but... maybe... could I have bribed Lennon to seduce Eppy away from this bull[ring]shit?)

The above was not the same bullfighter that Brian sponsored.
That one was an Englishman named "Henry Higgins."