May 17th, 2007


On eBay: The Official Brian Epstein Fan Club package


The Official Brian Epstein Fan Club package
eBay Item number: 120121312182

Every time I see another one of these, I regret my stubborn refusal to send in my $5 to join back in 1965-66 when the main Beatles fan club offered membership in the Brian club.

I believed it was too much of a lame "fannish" thing to do, considering Brian (and his Boys) gave us the impression that they were not very favorably inclined toward having fan-type people as personal friends. And that was my goal in those days ~ to make friends with Brian, not to be looked upon as a damned "fan."
The only reason I was persuaded to join the main Official Beatles Fan Club was that Karin and Lezlie pushed so hard for me to do so ~ finally, I saw all the "loot" the club sent them ~ and that did the trick. (Still have some of the letters and stuff, matter of fact, deep within the bowels of my Beatles box.)