April 23rd, 2007


Musing on my TV watching last night...

Usually, when a product or an upcoming show is highly hyped I end up avoiding it ~ even if it's for something I really want, or really want to see. When commercials are repeated endlessly, especially if they're lame or annoying, I do get stubborn about not "buying," hahaa.
The Geeky Guy's 'Inner M'
However, there were two that I really didn't mind seeing whenever they came on. The first is that "Inner M" ad ~ I've really got a thing for that geeky guy on the copy machine (You can see it on this website, in either Windows Media or Quicktime format).

For some odd reason, I also didn't really mind seeing the Kelly Ripa promos for the TV Land Awards, which finally showed last night. Collapse )


Heather Mills and Leonard Nimoy at the 2007 TV Land AwardsThe part of the TV Land Awards Show that really threw me for a loop was the inclusion of Heather Mills. What possible connection or contribution does the former "Lady" Mucca have to Classic TV, fer christsakes?! Collapse )


He said it hiiissss waaayyyy.....

The Beatles by Hirschfeld 1964
"They are to my mind responsible for most
of the degeneration in this country, not only
musically but also in the political and youth
orientation sense.

They are the people who first made it
acceptable to spit in the face of authority.

In fact I blame the Beatles 100%
for all the trouble in the World today...."

~ (Frank Sinatra 1964)