April 21st, 2007


Shabbat Schmooze ~ Judaism and Star Trek

Rabbi Yonassan Gershom gives a Vulcan salute

Rabbi Takes Unorthodox Trek
Elisha Sauers | Fri. Apr 20, 2007

Rabbi Yonassan Gershom’s continuing mission: to find a publisher for “Jewish Themes in ‘Star Trek’ (Where No Rabbi Has Gone Before!)” His goal: to use the mother of all sci-fi franchises to teach people about Judaism.

“As an intellectual, I related with a person like Spock,” Gershom told The Shmooze. “I was what they called an egghead. So I was a Trekkie from very early on.”

When the series first aired, Gershom realized right away that actor Leonard Nimoy’s inspiration for the Vulcans’ signature split-fingered salute was the blessing of the ancient Israelite priests.
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“I would hope that Jews would see how science fiction is a kind of midrash, a modern midrash,” he said. “You create a world in which you can examine yourself. You know, ‘Once upon a time, there was this faraway planet….’ And then we are able to look at ourselves.”

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Q: I heard that the Star Trek "Vulcan salute" is based on something from Orthodox Judaism. Can you explain this?

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