April 19th, 2007


Eppylovers Can Goof Too, y'know... *headdesk*

In the post just prior to this one, I identified panelist Dorothy Kilgallen as Kitty Carlisle.

Be it known that Kitty Carlisle was indeed also a frequent panelist on the show.


Kitty Carlisle
It's just that I couldn't get the vid to play long enough for the introduction, which happened to be Dorothy Kilgallen in this instance.

Sorry. I've simply GOT to stop relying on my memory banks so much... except, this time, on this one, I was fairly certain.

Dammit, me. non-ani blushing smiley

Wellll, as long as we're here already, here's the engrossing story of the tragic love between journalist Miss Kilgallen and the bisexual singing sensation Johnny Ray ~~

Collapse )
The original Johnny Ray bio
from whence this excerpt cometh ~
is here on ~ Port Halcyon.com
Also check out
Dorothy Kilgallen at Find A Grave.com
Excerpt: "She was found in her apartment
sitting upright in bed, fully clothed, in the
morning, dead at 52."
Suspicious indeed, considering the circumstances.

Well, the government and Sinatra seemed to have
gotten away with Marilyn Monroe, so why not?
[Time once again to re-read false pattern recognition ...?]