April 11th, 2007


Ah, so this may have been a rebellious move!


From:  The Herald Sun

Beatles man can't do that

April 12, 2007 12:00am

ONE of the men credited with making the Beatles a fortune has resigned as caretaker of their legacy over what he saw as a cheapening of their image.
Neil Aspinall, a school friend of Sir Paul McCartney and the late George Harrison, yesterday stepped down as chief executive of Apple Corps.

A source said the 64-year-old was disillusioned by interference from directors, who "just wanted to make money".

It is thought that Mr Aspinall disagreed with moves to allow downloads of Beatles music on the Apple iTunes site.

The eppylover says:
Neil is concerned with the Beatles' legacy. Their honor, their memory.
He has refused all these years to sell them out.
However, it seems Apple Computer and the courts have managed to destroy and pull most of his power from him.
Apparently Neil cannot be a hypocritical business suit like the rest of the directors of Apple Corps.
It was a long miserable fight, but he finally was forced to throw in the towel instead of joining the Apples in screwing Brian's Boys. 
Neil Aspinall will not betray his true and enduring lifelong love.
I wonder if he talked it over with Paul and Ringo... after all, I see now that Paul is diverting his businesses elsewhere, and opening other enterprises that have nothing to do with Apple. I wonder if there could be any way for the remaining Beatles and relatives to give the middle finger to Apple now. Remember when a despairing overwhelmed overstressed Brian Epstein considered turning his Boys over to other management and just remaining a friend? Paul told him, okay, but they'd record "God Save The Queen" for every record they made from then on...
Let's hope our Neil now sits down and writes a huge tell-all put-down memoir of his and the Boys' mistreatment by the monstrous entertainment industry.
...After that, then he can write EVERYTHING he remembers about Brian, just for yon eppylover! ;P


Don't tell me you're STILL using MySpace? For shame.

Signing on for just a second to give y'all a link to a not-too-surprising development.


MySpace is preventing videos and remixes from being posted from Photobucket...
...but NOT preventing the same from YouTube.

Y'see, YouTube is okay with them because ~ despite Tom's other stated excuses ~ the fact still stands that YouTube/Google provides AD MONEY to MySpace.


Sorry I'm ranting. Bad mood day. :(