April 6th, 2007


Shabbat Shmooze ~ ohh gawd please don't call me a 'Jewpie' (Jew groupie)

I certainly hope nobody sees the eppylover this way.
Because I certainly do not see Eppy and his folks this way.
Besides. I'm by no means hot,
and I try my damndest never to be WASPy
nor a ...(ugh)... chick.
This is a funny article anyway.

Journalist Joel Stein

Why Hot, WASPy Chicks Love Jews by Joel Stein
[L.A. Times Jan 9, 2005, in the LOVE YOUR WORK column]

This is embarrassing to admit, but we thought you didn't like us. So while we Jews were controlling the media, we tried to avoid putting actual Jewish characters in front of you. Seinfield, sure. But we made George Costanza Italian. We gave Craig Kilborn a talk show.

But now that you've spent about $200 million to laugh at Ben Stiller's mega-Jewish parents dealing with his WASPy soon-to-be-in- laws in "Meet the Fockers," we feel comfortable showing you our big Jewish selves. Philosemetism, which is so new we had to invent a word for it, has led to a whole new genre: Jewsploitation.
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Def. of "Jewpie"