March 23rd, 2007


U of Nebraska to RIAA: here's a bill for the time you're wasting

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They say:
"The University of Nebraska is so pissed off with the RIAA's outrageous requests to help rat out students who file-share that it has sent the RIAA a bill for the time the University has wasted dealing with the RIAA's demands. Go Corn Huskers!"


Yesterday audio had its say ~ video fights back today

Stop The Falsiness - Stephen Colbert
Viacom Sued Over YouTube Parody Removal

NEW YORK - Activist groups sued the parent company of Comedy Central on Thursday, claiming the cable network improperly asked the video-sharing site YouTube to remove a parody of the network's "The Colbert Report."
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The lawsuit seeks unspecified legal costs and damages on grounds the plaintiffs' free-speech rights were harmed.

The parody "Stop The Falsiness," a play on host Stephen Colbert's use of the term "truthiness," was jointly produced by MoveOn and Brave New Films, an activist production company that has made documentaries on the Iraq war, Wal-Mart and the Fox News Channel.

So eat the second half of your one-two punch, you rich repressive paranoid corporate doo-doo heads!

"Stop The Falsiness" ~ the vid under fire:

Lil Eppy panting

Renamed subject: WAS Brian in AHDN?

You cannot in a million years imagine how ashamed I was that, for over 40 years, I did not know Brian had this cameo role in A Hard Day's Night.

At least an IMDB trivia item had claimed it to be so.

For a few days, I felt like I did not deserve the little "Eppy Historian" title that friends have bestowed upon me.

Brian Epstein's cameo in 'A Hard Day's Night'

On the upload, this little scene is approximately 28 minutes :35 seconds into the film.

So, thank you van, for the identifying screencaps [ HERE ]

I'm sure it's not our Brian now.