February 5th, 2007


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Apple and Beatles Settle Trademark Squabble

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1965, February 5 - Baroness Erisso approaches Brian about the possibility
of his signing her daughter, Marianne Faithfull, to NEMS Enterprises.
The Ballad of Brian and Marianne

But of course, we know that he was obliged to turn her down, because of the promise he made to himself that Cilla Black would always be his one and only "girl singer," as was the terminology of the day.

However, that didn't prevent them from flirting with each other, up to the point of a marriage proposal. As with Alma Cogan, nobody was ever sure if he really popped the question, and neither Brian nor Marianne are talking now! (Bri for obvious reasons, heh.)


Signatures = 27,009

Also... we have broken the 27,000 mark in signatures to put Bri in the R&R Hall of Fame.

Whether he's in there means something to me ONLY because so many people around the world visit to find out who made a difference in the history of popular music. And with no Brian Epstein in there, of course many people will walk out not having a clue about his role.

Here's the banner thingy I assembled that links to the petition Martin Lewis promised to use when he reaches his goal ~

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If you haven't done so already, please click and sign for Brian at -
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With the exception of some rare original items
on display, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself
is a bunch of crap -- for an honest explanation
of this statement, and why this petition is so
very important for Brian's legacy nevertheless,
please CLICK HERE.