January 14th, 2007


There's a crabby old lady posting this from Stephy's laptop

Kelly's great and so smart husband Eric hooked up the Stephy's Xmas laptop Toshiba Satellite for us today.

I owe him a big pan of Mexican bean dip for that. Sometime I'll give y'all the recipe. It's yum.

This laptop is going to be just the greatest for the Stephy when she finally gets on it.

However, it drives me up the wall. I'm never going to be able to make a proper post.

The keys are freakin FLAT and my fingers keep hitting the wrong places. Every other word is a typo that I've gotta correct.

This Win XP sucks. I'm told I just have to get used to it, because "it's better." In which way it's better? I cannot tell yet. I hate when it just goes ahead and does things that I don't ask it to do. Guess I'm gonna have to waste a bunch of time and change all the settings in all the different hidden places, if I can ever find them.

The sound just doesn't make it. I'm used to my music blasting out of my admittedly bad speakers on the PC. On this laptop, turned all the way up is just too soft.

Most of all, this stupid touchpad instead of a mouse. Well, that will be corrected just as soon as we can afford a mouse.

I'm sure I'll find more to crab about because I'm an old lady and I've earned the right to crab!
But damn! This is certainly better than waiting around for Stephy when I need to look something up quickly.

And it's Stephy's anyway, and now she won't be constantly harassing me to get off the big PC.

Oops, we were so busy today that I didn't have time for a shmooze.
Guess this kvetching will have to do, huh? Not very Jewish, was it?
Well... gevalt, then!

My Hands Are Bananas, the Beatles 66 press conference

EDIT: The YouTube 66 press conference vids seem to be loading and running okay now, but by necessity of l'Ogre sleeping (it's almost midnight) I'm sitting on the bed using the laptop, and cannot do the converting/downloading & saving to MY hard drive from here without a bunch of monkey business and wasting too much of Stephy's disk space.

So let's hope the vids are in as good a shape tomorrow, whenever I get online. *sigh*

German-noir spoofy vid
Steph and I are officially cracked up from this one.

BTW, there are some YouTube vids that won't load all the way for us.

Who else is having this problem?

The ones I'm most concerned about are the ones that kangaroo posted the links for on beatlepics:

Beatles 66 press conference

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Help! I want to convert these and save them to my hard drive using that vixy-flv converter; the link so generously provided for us by van!

I can't stand the thought that the glimpses of the Eppy will be lost forever when Appleman Neil makes them delete these vids! ...Which he will; you just wait.