December 30th, 2006


An essay by someone who'd rather leave the Jewish guys to me? And more shtuffs.

For Shabbat, a little bit of shmooze:
Aversion Therapy
Why I can't date Jewish men
By Tobin Levy

At age thirty, I've had four real boyfriends: Che Guevara, Jesus, G.I. Joe and, most recently, an anorexic-looking Troll doll with diminutive facial features and hair that stood straight up regardless of whether he'd been shaken.

"Is he Jewish?" asked my eighty-nine-year-old grandmother when Troll Boy and I started dating.

"His last name is Lord," I said.

"That's a holy name, isn't it?" she said, optimistically. He drove a Mercedes. She needed this one to be Jewish.

"Okay," I said, before hanging up.

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Tobin Levy in Nerve

Misc stuffs

3 minutes of Ringo on The Simpsons ~
Ringo himself voiced his own character, and the storyline is simply delicious. It's so Starkified. We need to see much, much more of this droomer fella!!!


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If I posted them as links, they may show as link-backs on their server, and I just don't want that to happen, considering the PID-based source. However, the vids and clips are nice.

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And a Brian smile, just because I can. ~ A radiant Brian om 1963


Finally ~
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