December 25th, 2006


The 2006 Eppylover & Stephy Xmukkah Post

You better not cry ~ Santa Claus is coming ~
You better not cry ~ Santa Claus is coming ~
The above is, without question, Stephy's favorite Xmas card of all time.

Must recount for y'all
a very, very unusual occurrence ~
the usually only-one-cordial-cup-per-night-of-
blackberry-manischewitz (when at all) christine
got herself blitzed last night
on white zinfandel
at the family Xmas party.
We have been promised photographs.

dot. dot. dot. Oy frickin vey. @_@


Actually, there is so much more to tell about last night.
I just cannot bring myself to verbalize it yet. Incrediblement.


So! Guys?
Dare to wear
this to synagogue
during the
holiday season?!

Enjoy this video ~ I certainly did!
Christmas Lights
Description: A geek with way too much time sets up a Christmas
light show with musical accompaniment (Trans-Siberian Orchestra?).


Very rare U.S. poster ~ Ringo For Santa Claus!Treat yourself to a huge (and rare) Santa Starkey!


And once again ...
to y'all and everyone ...
(Click Title for Amusing Xmukkah Song from YouSendIt!)

Sorry I failed to provide a Sermon yesterday. For us, it was family Xmas day.

Therefore, please consider the following potentially offensive Xmassy material to be under my Sunday-cut for those who, like the eppylover, are quite amused by the utter unabashed honesty of (Mr Epstein's final unrequited lust-target) Simon Napier-Bell. Collapse )

EDIT: I will tell you, however, the only thing I gave Stephy for Xmukkah ~ UNDERWEAR.
We just got done doing The Underwear Dance
(she, somewhat reluctantly).
(Actually, VERY reluctantly!)
That is all.