December 5th, 2006


Victor Spinetti has written a bloomin' boook!

This looks like it will be insanely wonderful!
EDIT: Near bottom of post, a few links to where this can be bought at cheapest prices.

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Spinetti: 'I'll always remember my roots'
Dec 2 2006
Hannah Jones, Western Mail

Talking to Victor Spinetti is like being invited to the best party, one where the guest of honour takes you to one side, sits you down and promises to tell you a little story.

Only his stories aren't little and the names he drops into idle conversation are, frankly, big enough to bounce.
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Victor Spinetti Up Front: His Strictly Confidential Autobiography
is published by Robson Books

On eBay:
First Edition Signed, starting at GBP 13.99 (approx. $27.62) - ends Dec 16

First Edition Signed, starting at GBP 13.99 (approx. $27.62) - ends Dec 9

On book search engines:
cheapest book

Left to right: Victor Spinetti, Chris Carter of KLOS's Breakfast With The Beatles, Martin Lewis and John "Shake" Junkin, who sadly died on my birthday this past year.

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