December 2nd, 2006


Just Kidding, Paul...

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Yeah, that's right, Miss Mills.
We're all out to getcha now. ani rolleyes smiley

Should we make it slow and painful?
Naahhh, she ain't worth the time or effort ~
short and sweet sounds better...

All Sorts 'n Kinds Of Misc. and Etc. Thingies 'n Bits 'n Pieces

Still downloadable for now ~
George Harrison ~ Brainwashed
is on the onlyprediction community
[ HERE ]
Let me know if you need it re-uploaded, and I will do it on
This is the most amazing community ~ it has everything. Everything.

But it's what's under the hat that counts!
News flash!

Brian Epstein’s hat size was 7 and 3/8, according to Spitz.

Knowing that, we can now all rest easy.


Harrison News, 1969, December 2 -
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends concert in Bristol.
George joins them as guitarist, on tour.
First tour of a Beatle since 1966.
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DEC 2 POSTS from the past two years ~~~

~*~*~ 2004 ~*~*~

Brian's Belly Beer

~*~*~ 2005 ~*~*~

[ link here, details below ]
~~~More on the stupid "whore scandal," this time from the 1970 Rolling Stone Lennon interviews

~~~ an excellent explanation of the Beatles Breakup

~~~ and a true story about the time Paulie won a radio contest on Breakfast With The Beatles! (This was way before Trini ever contacted me! BTW, right now there's a bunch of new stuff there on BWTB, so go check!)


Adults of Dubious Mental Maturity Only ~
*(Eppylover puts bag over her head)*
Latest Email to Simon Napier-Bell, and his reponse

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p.s. ladyeffingbroke, Where Art Thou? We miss you.