November 9th, 2006

John did WHAT

Alma Cogan, John Lennon and Brian Epstein


Isn't it sad how the media feels it necessary to resort to amplifying such a small insignificant affair in the otherwise fascinating life of this sweet woman?

I guess they feel that if they don't blast it out in the headline and first paragraph, they won't be able to draw people into reading about her.

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John Lennon's secret lover
By MICHAEL THORNTON 7th November 2006

Alma Cogan in front of BBC micAlma Cogan was the first female pop star - yet was dead by 34. For years, there were cruel whispers about her sexuality. But now her sister reveals she was John Lennon's lover:
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A UK friend tells me that, somewhere,
he has a couple of news clippings with pics of ...
...Alma and Brian together.
I am hoping he's right,
and am eager to see them and share them!
Last I heard, he's still searching...

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